What to look for in a quality spring

Knowing what to look for in a replacement spring will help your investment last longer and deliver more profitable performance. Look for these signs of quality in Triangle's Spring.

  • Leaves are properly aligned to one another, both laterally and vertically.
  • On multi-leaf springs, no excessive gaps between leaves and no excessive scaling on the top leaf.
    For front tapered springs, a uniform gap between the leaves from the center section to the end of the spring. This is required to provide proper performance and durability
  • Coated with corrosion protection.
  • Spring leaves are properly stepped for the most efficient load carrying weight ratios. If the leaves are the same thickness, the steps should be equal.
  • Eye bushings are checked for roundness. Elliptical bushings may indicate an improperly formed eye, or excessive reaming of metal bushings during the manufacture process.
  • Center bolt heads act as a locating dowel during spring installation. For underslung springs, the head should be adjacent to the main leaf. In overslung springs, the head should be located at the center of the spring width.
  • Before the eye is rolled, the end of the spring plate is cut at an angle to provide a smooth fit between the end of the plate and the spring leaf. This helps prevent leaves from binding up in the hanger, or shackle, when installed on your vehicle.

Triangle Spring Service is always nearby

Wherever you are in North America, you will be close to a Triangle Spring distributor. Triangle springs are backed by a nationwide network of over 1,200 distribution outlets and feature one of the broadest lines in the industry. If you need it, we have it and it's nearby to get you on the road quickly.

Knowledgeable personnel are your assurance

Your Triangle distributors are factory trained to know your spring requirements-when to replace and when to rebuild. They know and understand the various installation and application detail to ensure you have the best support possible. And if they don't know the answer, don't worry. They can rely on Triangle's top notch technical support to solve the problem. Just another reason why Triangle Spring is the industry leader.

Protect your profits

Over 90 years of experience in designing and manufacturing heavy duty springs go into every specification and spring we make. At Triangle Spring, all of our springs are manufactured to one set of specifications, whether it is for OE or the aftermarket, so you can trust Triangle to protect your investment.
Our manufacturing locations throughout North America assure you of ample supply at the lowest cost. To ensure consistent quality, all manufacturing and distribution facilities are ISO 9001:2008 Registered - recognized world wide as the significant quality credential. So when you buy Triangle, you not only get OE quality, you also get consistent performance every time.
Triangle offers one of the largest assortment of springs for the heavy duty market including:

Leaf Spring Assemblies:
  • Coverage for tractor, trailer & light duty truck applications.
  • Multi-leaf Springs
  • Parabolic Springs
  • Air Beams
  • Custom Engineered Springs
  • Helper Springs
Spring Repair Material:
  • Repair Plates and Leaves
  • Rebound Clip Materials
  • Threaded Rod & U-Bolts
  • Spring Clips

Triangle Spring